The Angel Manor Christmas Raffle with L$67,250 in prizes is open!

• Ticket price: min. 199L$

to pay to the BROWN raffle bear. Ticket sale ends on December 22nd, 2019, at 12pm SLT. Everyone can enter the raffle as many times as they wish, and pay any amount.

• Location:

Christmas Market at the Angel Manor:

Event Hall at the Rose Theatre:

• Drawing

The raffle prizes get drawn during the Angel Family Bauble Ball, on December 22nd, 2019.

Begin: 12pm SLT

with live music by Samm Quendra and AMforte Clarity.

In the Angel Manor Christmas Event Hall

The raffle drawing and a live auction with further prizes is scheduled to begin at 01pm SLT.

• Raffle prizes:

♛ 1st prize – 30.000L$ in gift cards from

10.000L$ – Azul
10.000L$ – Blueberry
3.000L$ – Gabriel
3.000L$ – Zibska
2.000L$ – Giz Seorn
1.000L$ – Empyrian Forge
1.000L$ – The Forge

♛ 2nd prize – 20.000L$ in gift cards from

5.000L$ – Azul
5.000L$ – Blueberry
3.000L$ – Kunglers
2.000L$ – Gabriel
2.000L$ – Zibska
1.500L$ – Giz Seorn
1.000L$ – The Forge
500L$ – Empyrian Forge

♛ 3rd prize – 9.250L$ in gift cards from

2.500L$ – Blueberry
2.000L$ – E-Clipse Design
1.000L$ – Azul
1.000L$ – Giz Seorn
1.000L$ – Kunglers
1.000L$ – Zibska
500L$ – Gabriel
250L$ – Empyrian Forge

♛ 4th prize – 5.000L$ in gift cards from

2.500L$ – Chop Zuey
2.500L$ – Mosquito’s Way

♛ 5th prize – 1.000L$ gift card from Miss Chelsea
♛ 6th prize – 1.000L$ gift card from Kastlerock Couture
♛ 7th prize – 1.000L$ gift card from Mirage

♛ Special prize – Fatpack by Fellini Couture –

We thank the raffle sponsors for their generous contribution to the Angel Manor Christmas Bauble event, benefiting St Jude Children’s Research Hospital!



© December 2018 – MISS SL Organization

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